Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Consumption

Planning for your pre and post workout nutrition
You are getting ready for the race day, a 42 Km marathon which requires your utmost focus and preparation. This mean taking care of putting on the right running outfit and having a proper nutrition plan. Wizard Athleisure Vent 2 in 1 shorts made from light weight sweat-wicking fabric to support during such long races. Zip and side pockets to keep gels and other nutrients.

That being said, the amount of nutrition that you take for your workout does not only depend on consuming the proper supplements, but it also depends on consuming them at the right time. This will ensure better performance and better recovery.

Gaining that extra edge in your training is what we all look to achieve, which is why we need to be extra attentive about our nutrition. What we consume and when we do it.

This is where optimization of pre and post nutrition intake is key, now more than ever. With a proper nutrition plan in place you would be able to have an amazing workout as opposed to just wanting the whole session to finish.

Overall, a proper meal would usually consist of a mix of Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein. This mix must be a staple of every meal to achieve optimal results and the mix has to be applied in every meal. The key word here is consistency.

Let us start with Protein, which is needed to build muscle. It is not about when to consume it as recent studies has shown that consuming Protein by athletes can be done before or after a workout, no specific time was set (1), so it would be left up to the athlete to decide on when to consume Protein and the type of it.

Carbohydrates on the other hand can be a great source of nutrition to maximize your performance whether you are going for an endurance session or a high intensity one. In a study conducted in 2014, results showed that consuming a meal rich in carbohydrate 1 hour before a training session can lead to optimal results (2) and tremendous satisfaction.

People are more aware these days that fats don’t hold the bad orra that had circled around it in earlier days, as some fats are essential. Consuming a meal rich in fats within 60 minutes of your workout may assist in supporting fat oxidation during the first hour of training (3).

Drinking water during the day and timing it throughout your workout is essential to maintain and sustain the efforts you are making.

As a conclusion, timing your consumption of protein is not that important, however having a meal that is rich in carbohydrates and fats at least 60 minutes before your workout can prove to be a great addition to the session.

The key aspect here is having a balanced diet containing of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats one hour before your workout session. The meal can assist you in better planning your visits to the gym and ensures that your training session is productive. And using Wizard Athleisure outfits compliments your overall gym and race experience. In addition, water consumption during the day supports hydration as you go through your workout session.


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