Message From The Founders

A message to our wonderful Wizards,

Did you know that magic runs in our DNA? The secret ingredient of thriving companies is human magic.
We are true to our mission, vision and values. Humans have the ability to evolve, create and imagine a bright new future, adapt to new environments and take action to affirm their life purpose.
Wizard’s are vibrant souls, capable of accomplishing everything they set their heart and mind to.

At Wizard, we’re committed to elevating human potential, avid believers in harnessing our internal strengths, challenging our limits and becoming physically, mentally and emotionally fit whilst doing so.
Our philosophy is grounded on our honest and long-lasting partnerships and collaborations.

Creating a magical experience for you, gives us confidence that without Wizard Athleisure, there would be many challenges. We’re reinforcing the belief, that everybody can become the best version of themselves.
Yes, it is possible!

Unleash yourself and join us!

Welcome to Wizard Athleisure

Designed to fit like magic and make you feel like magic

Welcome to the world of Wizard Athleisure. We are an ethical activewear and lifestyle brand with a focus on technology, sustainability and empowering our diverse audience. We create multifunctional, on-trend, inclusive, innovative, eco-friendly, high-quality clothes and accessories accessible for everyone.

We dare to dream, to become the thought leaders shaping the future of the activewear and lifestyle apparel industry in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Fueled by a passionate, creative, multi-national team of marketeers, designers, fitness fanatics and philanthropists. Together, we bring a touch of magic, a splash of imagination, and a big dose of creative passion.

At the heart and soul of Wizard Athleisure is one word “Unleash”.
Unleash your potential, unleash your magic, unleash your inner power!

We cultivate creativity. We embrace everyone. We dare to dream.


Our mission is to inspire a positive future for the people and the planet across these three pillars:
Climate Action – Water Healthy – Biodiversity

We are bridging the gap between breakthrough textiles innovations and technological advances that solve environmental issues in the fashion apparel industry. We aim to redefine lifestyle and activewear, push the boundaries of creativity and include eco-friendly products, every step of the way.


To be the leader of the global eco-friendly products and technology athleisure market.
To drive these other-worldly Wizard elements and new innovative solutions to environmental issues, by providing dazzling products and unique experiences for everyday and everyone.

Our Pillars

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Giving Back icon
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Healthy Lifestyle icon
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Our Goals

Our goal is to be an example, a leader, and an inspiration in the industry.
Our magical plan was activated in 2023 and we started our tie ups and donations to charity organizations in 2023.
Offset our carbon emissions by 2030 by planting, protecting or restoring a plant
with every purchase, each product becomes carbon neutral.

We aim to reduce our emissions by half by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040.

Our Approach

Beyond using innovative materials within our own designs, we want to see these solutions scale across the industry through Wizard’s storytelling, providing knowledge on the importance of influencing a change mindset.
Reducing the impact on our environment by eliminating outdated techniques and unhealthy traditions.

To help achieve our vision, we are pioneering VENT technology and focus on these seven pillars of impact, that ensure we can meet the social, environmental, and economic challenges that we as a business and as society face.
Biodiversity – Water Health – Climate Change – Innovative Materials – Giving Back – Circularity – Elevating Human Potential

We’re ambitious through and through. Striving forward with a modern and environmentally friendly approach. Laying deep foundations and long-lasting roots in circular systems and regenerative solutions.

Our Philosophy

Just like magic, we’re strong and powerful. We’re spellbound by the limitless potential to give back. We identify, raise and direct our energy where it is needed the most. We cast our spell, inspiring and impacting positive change in the quality of human, animals and plants lives.

Our responsibility is to sustainability development, to operate in harmony with nature and work to safeguard a future for generations to come. We’d love to welcome you to join us and unleash yourselves from practices and processes that no longer serve you!

Why Now

Health, fitness and lifestyle is at the top of the entire global population’s priorities. It’s time for everyone to step up and do their part.
That’s where we come in, with a clear vision to promote a positive impact.

Follow us on our mission to promote happy, healthy communities and hypnotizing products that capture the essence of confidence.

We all strive to be stronger, to be healthier, to be more confident. Finally, you can be the best version of you with Wizard.
Whether it be consciously considering improving your lifestyle or searching for the magic fit. We’ve got you covered.
At Wizard, we drive authenticity and trust.

You can count on us, to power forward feeling fierce and confident inside and out!


We’re fierce in our pursuit to act as an ethical business by building connections that support our open and transparent principles.


Leading the way to set positive examples by partnering and planning initiatives with select entities who share our values of being collaborative, progressive and accountable.


We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy what we do as much as we do. To reach as many of you as possible, listen and share recommendations and advices.

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