Heart Rate Training Zones Benefits and What to Wear Per Zone

What are the Heart rate training zones?

Heart rate training zones measures the intensity of workouts based on your heart rate. By monitoring the heart rate and remaining within specific zones, you can tailor your training to your fitness level and specific goals.

There are several different methods for setting up heart rate zones. The most popular one is the Karvonen formula. This formula considers the maximum heart rate (MHR) and resting heart rate (RHR) to determine the heart rate zones. To calculate the heart rate zones using the Karvonen formula, the following equation is used:

Target Heart Rate = ((MHR – RHR) x %Intensity) + RHR

The % Intensity is the percentage of the MHR that you want to train at.

Once you calculate your heart rate zones, you can start to guide your training.

What are the benefits of Heart rate training zones?

Each zone corresponds to a different level of intensity and provides different benefits:

  • Zone 1: Recovery – 50-60% of MHR – Useful for recovery or easy runs by improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles.
  • Zone 2: Fat Burn – 60-70% of MHR – This zone is to build aerobic endurance. It improves the ability to use oxygen and burn fat as fuel.
  • Zone 3: Aerobic – 70-80% of MHR – Improves lactate threshold. It increases your ability to run at a faster pace for longer periods.
  • Zone 4: Anaerobic – 80-90% of MHR – Boosts lactate threshold. It improves the ability to run at a higher intensity for longer periods.
  • Zone 5: Maximum – 90-100% of MHR – Useful for speed and power. Training in this zone improves your ability to run at a very high intensity for short periods.

Using heart rate zones allows you to train more efficiently and by remaining within a certain zone, you can ensure that you are training at the appropriate intensity for your fitness level and goals. This can assist you in avoiding overtraining and undertraining, both of which can be preventing your progression.

The heart rate zones can vary depending on many factors such as age, fitness level, and health status. Therefore, it is recommended to train with a coach or healthcare professional to ensure that you are training at the appropriate intensity for your individual needs.

What to wear according heart zone training?

In Zone 1 (very easy) and zone 2 (easy), you are mostly enjoying your workout and you hardly feel that you are training. You need to wear something comfortable. The bottoms and tops can be loose to move freely and focus on your breath, our pair collection will be your best choice especially during winter. ¹

In Zone 3 (moderate) to 5 (very hard), your training will get harder. You have to wear sweat wicking and breathable fabrics. The active wear has to be light to move faster and concentrate on your posture and movement.

It is important to wear anti chafing clothes to avoid any inflammations and discomfort during your training. Our 2 in 1 shorts are your perfect choice to prevent chafing during your endurance workouts.²´³


Mariam Cheaitani

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