Sportswear Fabrics and its Connection With Low and High Impact Workout

Comfort and functionality are top priorities for athletes when choosing their workout clothing, but fashion is also an important consideration for many. Athletes often want to look and feel good while they workout which is the reason they choose fashionable and stylish sportswear.

Fashionable sportswear provide a boost of confidence and motivation for athletes which can help feel more confident and motivated to push themselves harder during their workouts. However, Athletes always prioritize choosing the best clothing materials.

What are the best materials for exercising?

The best materials for exercising vary on the type of exercise and the user’s preferences, but in general, breathable, moisture-wicking, and flexible fabrics are the best. The following materials are the most common fabrics found in sportswear:

  • Polyester: Because of its light weight and quick drying qualities, polyester is a synthetic fabric used in sportswear. Additionally, it is breathable, which aids in keeping you cool while exercising. Polyester is frequently blended with other materials, such as spandex, to create a stretchy and comfortable fit. [1]
  • Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is robust and abrasion-resistant. It is frequently used in athletics because it is thin and moisture-wicking, which may keep you dry while you exercise. Additionally stretchy, nylon aids in enhancing the fit and comfort of athletic wear.
  • Spandex is a stretchy, thin synthetic fabric also referred to as Lycra or elastane. To create a flexible and cozy fit for athletic clothing, it is regularly mixed with other fabrics. Spandex has the ability to wick away moisture, keeping you dry while working out.
  • Bamboo: Sportswear is increasingly using bamboo, an environmentally benign and long-lasting fabric. You can stay dry and comfortable while exercising thanks to its breathable material and ability to wick away perspiration. Additionally, bamboo’s inherent anti-bacterial properties lessen odors and increase the lifespan of sporting wear.
  • Mesh is a permeable fabric widely used as a liner or panel in athletic apparel. It allows for airflow, which could help you stay dry and cool while working out. Mesh that is lightweight and stretchy could improve the comfort and fit of athletic clothing. [2]

What are the frequent applications of polyester and nylon in clothing?

Polyester and nylon are both common fabrics in apparel due to their toughness, capacity to drain away moisture, and ability to maintain their form. Here are a few typical applications for garments made of these fabrics:


Sportswear: Polyester is a common material for sportswear especially shirts, shorts, and leggings because of its ability to wick away moisture.

Outerwear: Due to its water resistance, polyester is frequently utilized in jackets and coats.

Dresses and skirts: Polyester is widely used in dresses and skirts because of its excellent drape and shape-holding properties.

Swimwear: Due to its strength and ease of drying, polyester is a preferred material for swimwear.


Sportswear: Due to its durability and stretchability, nylon is a preferred material for items like sports bras and leggings.

Hosiery: nylon is frequently used in the production of hosiery including stockings, pantyhose, and socks because it is lightweight and elastic.

Outerwear: Nylon is used in rain jackets, windbreakers, and other outerwear because of its water-resistant qualities.

Swimwear: Nylon is a well-liked material for swimwear due to its strength, lightweight, and quick-drying qualities.

Sportswear for intense workouts

You can ensure comfort and support while doing high-intensity exercises if you take into account the following characteristics when selecting your sportswear:

Breathability: Look for textiles that are breathable and enable air circulate about your body. This can keep you dry and cool throughout a strenuous workout. [3]

Moisture-wicking textiles: Moisture-wicking fabrics transfer perspiration away from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it can evaporate so you can maintain your comfort and dryness throughout your workout.

Stretch: Elastic textiles allow you to move freely. They help you increase your ability to move and avoid constraints while working out hard.

Support: For high-intensity activities that include jumping or running, consider wearing sportswear that provides support for your breast or other regions of your body. Look for compression shorts or sports bras that provide the appropriate degree of support for your level of exercise.

Weather: Take into account the environment’s temperature and relative humidity while planning your workout. Select materials that are suited for the climate, such as breathable textiles that are lightweight for hot, muggy weather or heavier, warmer fabrics for cold weather.

Sportswear for Low impact workouts

When choosing sportswear for low-impact workouts, the emphasis is often on comfort and flexibility. Here are some suggestions for sportswear that can be worn during low-impact workouts:

Leggings and yoga pants are frequently worn for low-impact exercises like Pilates and yoga. For the most comfort and flexibility, look for pants and leggings composed of elastic, moisture-wicking materials like nylon and spandex.

T-shirts and tank tops: Comfortable options include loose-fitting t-shirts and tank tops. For added comfort, look for tops made from breathable, light materials like cotton or bamboo. [4]

Sporting bras Support and comfort are offered by sports bras. Search for bras with a racerback style and a soft, elastic fabric, such as nylon or spandex, for more support.

Sweatshirts and hoodies: In cooler temperatures, these garments are a simple choice. Look for clothing made of supple, breathable materials like cotton or a cotton-polyester mix. [5]

Shorts: For low-impact exercises like cycling or strolling, shorts are a versatile alternative. Comfort is added by the lightweight, moisture-wicking shorts made of spandex or polyester.

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