Introducing Vent Technology

It’s Wizard Athleisure [1] time, in this article we will introduce you to the world of magic. Whether you’re looking for athletic, active, or lifestyle, Wizard Athleisure got you all covered. With Wizard Athleisure you can get comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

We believe in innovation and technology. With Wizard Athleisure you will discover one of our innovative approaches to activewear: The Vent Technology. Vent Technology was built around the idea evolving “your abilities are limitless so does your Outfit”. This technology provides you with a number of product benefits:

  • Sweat Wicking

Sweat-wicking fabrics are fabrics with the ability to pull moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries. Moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric, which makes it easier to evaporate. Wizard athleisure products make it happen because no one likes to exercise, hike or run wearing a sweat-soaked t-shirt or legging.

  • UV Protection

Ultraviolet Protection Factor in active wear indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin thus reducing your exposure risk significantly. Vent Technology, ensures the body is protected from negative UV rays for safe and consistent training. It also makes the clothes more durable and less color fading

  • Antibacterial

Wizard Athleisure provides VENT Technology items with this feature to suppress the growth of bacteria on the fabric, which can yield unpleasant odors, and remaining odor-free may help the consumer to feel refreshed throughout the day.

  • Breathable

Breathable fabrics allow air to flow through them easily, which speeds up sweat evaporation and keeps you cool. Polyester is one of the breathable fabrics; it is lightweight and water-repellent so moisture on your skin evaporates instead of soaking into the fabric.

  • 4-way-stretchable

4-way stretch fabric is a fabric that stretches both lengthwise and widthwise instead of just stretching in one direction. However, 4-way stretch fabric also recovers from being stretched in both directions. They are great fabrics for clothing that are designed to fit more tightly or for clothing such as athletic wear.

Let’s explore some Vent Collections:

  • Men Vent All Day pro Shorts [2]

All Day Pro short is made from a premium fabric to provide you with the best feeling while performing, it is a multi-sport short, and you can wear it while training, running, and stretching. Designed with zipped pockets to keep your essentials safe, inner mesh short for additional support and breathability, and material that wicks sweat and really dries fast, allowing you to feel full freedom in every movement.

  • Men Vent Wizardry Tank [3]

Wizardry Tank is made from lightweight polyester to support you in your most intense training. The 4-way stretch fabric keeps you free and motivated, and the slim fit design keeps you looking and feeling good all day.

  • Women Vent Racy Mid Waist Legging [4]

Racy Mid Waist Leggings are made of lightweight material that keeps you confidently covered for any workout or training. The used material is soft and breathable for a cooling and body-regulating effect; it also wicks sweat and stays in place with a smooth, mid-rise waist. Designed with two easy-access pockets to carry a key or credit card along.

  • Women Vent Wizardry Loose Tank [5]

Stay dry with Wizardry Loose Tank, featuring a sweat-wicking fabric. Designed with a loose fit that makes you feel and look good, it keeps you supported with a comfortable and unrestricted feeling. Suitable for all types of workouts, from yoga to cardio to long runs, or just for leisure time, pair it effortlessly with any Wizard legging, and you are good to go.

  • Unisex Vent Comfy Sweater [6]

The Comfy Sweater is all about comfort, protection, and style. Designed in a relaxed and loose fit, this sweater is perfect for an off-duty rest day or a comfortable pre-and post-training outfit. It is made out of stretch premium fabric that allows your skin to breathe while providing you with protection and style all day long.

  • Unisex Vent Comfy Jogger [7]

Whether it’s a walk, rest, or even a workout, the Comfy Jogger is the best fit for your day. Made out of high quality breathable and stretchable material, that provides you confidence and relaxation all day long while keeping you in style.

At the heart and soul of Wizard Athleisure is one-word “Unleash”. Unleash your potential, unleash your magic, unleash your inner power! We cultivate creativity. We embrace everyone. We dare to dream.

Vent Technology is the product of our creativity and innovation with the essence of technology with which you can be the best version of yourself.


[1]  Welcome to the world of Wizard Athleisure. We are an ethical active-wear and lifestyle brand with a focus on technology, sustainability, and empowering our diverse audience.

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